My Story/(The Life the Devil Doesn’t Want Me to Live)

I seek to be perfect in all of my ways and be so for all eternity,

I seek to muster all strength of truth and smite all the enemy/(all enemies joined as an abomination of abominations)/Every Chomo

I seek to cause a river to be built in Africa, that Provides electricity, food, and clean water to all, even via dams, fish farming, and desalination, I hope I live to see my voice heard by my birth nation

I seek to be upright and just for all eternity

I seek to be repentant when I am not the reality, I was intended to be, at any given point in eternity,

I seek to live perfectly

I seek to possess more treasure than any man,

I seek to share all of my treasure with every righteous man

I seek to make all of creation love, even the lawful and moral spirit with a throne above, the Lord Jealous who in all honesty, should be fathomed in his state of Jealousy. Christ is and will always be, the truth to me, if all truth is known to me, I will have my supreme prudency.

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