My Letter to my Familia!

To my Father, the most high living human male,

Help me Pope. I Love and serve Love. Bless and counsel me for I am at war with forces that are REAL and are ENEMIES OF LOVE!

I come with contempt and hostility. I am in the way of righteousness when I do. KINGS are being attacked and killed by a women I think might be the wife or a future wife surely, of the Devil, the supposed dragon.

As a christian swearing was against my religion, as a saint, I MUST swear by the LORD. So I swear by everything I AM. I am a servant, messenger, prophet and treasure of I AM. Where are those I am swearing by I say, Enoch, Yode Hey Vahv Hey, Yahweh, I AM! Chanted like Jim Carry chanting a monkish melody.

I have seen the Dragon and the dragon. One has a face of magical and Dungeons and Dragons or Chinese religion appearance. That one is a wizened sage, bless that one with good will towards men. The other is counted enemy, bless him with the other aspects of Love. A giant snake said “No mortal being will fathom this lie” AND “…I want to murder you” Based upon Christ’s knowledge of the Devil, that Giant snake, is the Devil or wanted me to believe he was. So, To all serpeant, the Big Ugly Giant Snake is suicidal and/or otherwise is the Devil. Unlike Cobras this abomination is ugly. Like no beauty, giant worm like, no majesty like a King Cobra, just cursed to be so ugly he will probably commit suicide if he isn’t the Devil. Seriously, the Snake is like a giant piece of Shit! No joke, Taylor Swift Made snakes look cool and worthy of life, but this Giant Snake is so ugly he might have become the Devil the day he looked into the mirror! I mean he is so ugly he might have murdered all truth in him just to survive what he was looking at! Yeah I have Yo Mama Jokes too! Like… short like pinky and the brain playing wallball with the curb, fat like Big Foots are Low Riders, etc. but this truth is not really fictional. The giant snake is so ugly, don’t be surprised if he commits suicide, instead be sure the death was coroner certified and you might want to draw a picture in the direction of his ugly instead of taking a picture.

Pope Read my writing and realize I am a soldier of the Host of the Lord, Call me the zealous holy one of the Lord’s Host for that is my choice as a description I ought to have. And with me companions. I am poor, though I know wealth will come to my fruits. I am miserable, I am atoning for sin. I am blind, I see over 6 billion enemies of love as the concept, but my heart isnt capable of seeing an enemy in the flesh and not attacking whole heartedly. I accuse a single being of owning God’s soul through iniquity! He attacked me with magic!

Save me Pope, For through my wild jokes and with my own laughter as a guide, I fanned the flamed of iniquity and even your iniquity must beared like a bearor of bad news. I WILL BE A VICTIM TILL DEATH, so deep is the lies of the enemy and my amusement with fathoming them. “Since you departed from the truth and loved the lie I am coming with strong delusion” Who else heard those words? I have and was surprised twasn’t in the bible. I was like, who said that then, me from the beginning? I need to give a testimony, basically, I was with the Lord and I remember a cause and effect and I wanted to be the cause that created the effect of Love making, partying being legal, life on Earth being paradise like, legal, and the reality life was intended to be, full of magic and mystery, full of Love, the source of our magic! Please, ask me to talk more about this thing later in life, but I am 33 have had less than 20 days of visions with intensity like I like, but I do not want you to think twas a complaint, rather, just know visions are not exactly every moment of everyday, nor can I make God do anything. Also, if some prophet comes with a ridiculous vision he is ashamed of, odds are thats a future prophet, make Love and multiply Love, Make him your servant and by grace let him live without honor where real prophets are without honor and still enjoy their lives in their own home and in their own country! Seriously! Also, The vision i have had now makes sense. I have had a vision of a beholder eating the heal like twas Digimon meat. Like meat on a bone. Now I read Jacob’s meaning. The vision I have had was of Jacob, I wasn’t sure, but Jacob is seen by me to be a beholder eating what I described as an Achilles heel. Now I wonder about Jeshuron, who is going to forsake the Lord? Is it not Jeshuron? Dang please have mercy on the Land and people of the Las Vegas Mafia. Don’t take our land and ruin our lives because of Jeshuron! I assure you Las Vegas is the type of place where what this world does casually is counted waste! No joke, I told Ryan Reinhold myself I would eat a whopper they dropped on the floor because farmers had to grow the wheat to make the bread, the tomatoes to make the slices, etc. Where I come from in Las Vegas, waste is not allowed. Seriously, if you think half a sandwich is trash because your full, and you throw the food away, you are to pick up that burger and put it in the fridge and eat the burger for your next meal or you’re to be flogged while you recite the farmers anthem or something! The Lord’s prayer includes “Give us this day our daily bread!” Consider that something!

The Black Ops in America tried to murder me shortly after Elijah the Prophet was put upon my flesh on camera! You must believe the truth, for it is the way and the life! HELP ME defeat gross lies and thee gross injustice it justifies.

(Pro Show Biz If I am Disgraced(But Know my Mind))Create a Papal position of Adversarial death and destruction and thereby pick your adversary. create a glorified soap opera where you advocate hope in punishment and mercy upon the soul and I am the adversary saying, Souls should suffer with the hope of the ending of suffering, and agree that we all get death but not all of us suffer before and after we die. I am a man of suffering, I have suffered and my atonement is something I refuse to dishonorably push upon Christ and force him up to the cross! Atone for your own sins, be merciful to Christ, do not sacrifice him like he’s sacrificial! NO JOKE!

I love you Papa Pope, please behold my perfect fruits, here is a past perfect fruit ruined by lack of knowledge. I did not write the seemingly blasphemous chorus in one of them, but since Christ singing the song would be cool, redeemed. Also, I will Just make the chorus I am E, Y, E, A, M, I am Chink_Eyeam(Controversy Gehovah Tsidkenu)

Thank you for the forces in SLC with Chunkey Bear when the Devil’s people tried to wack me, Being in the dark is scary because I didn’t know what to believe entirely and trusting nobody is the guide… Anyways, thank you and please bless Taylor Swift, and Defend her, I want you to grant my one request to you this day, Please give Taylor Swift an honorary title of Love Maker, even the Love Making Love/Godmother. The official Rat Eater of the Familia(Pro Show Biz in Mind) Thank you for your time and attention. Remember, I am dying and will be dead within 27 years, to me 27 is the number attuned to the Devil, 333, 7, 13, and 777 are favored by me. I will die, Love is forever, do not put your faith in me, put your faith in Love. I really want you to know me intimately. I prayed and have secrets I will not tell you, but anything is possible with Love/God and the Lord Ahavah/Love the Father granted my prayers and I am now a god. I have a sanctified mind, body, and soul, and my god status is every word that proceeds out of the Father’s mouth. Be of value to the Father, Multiply Love, make Love where there is not yet Love, Taylor Swift made Love in my heart and effected my mind and life, I thank her, and I praise her for trying. Seriously, All family members, fear Love enough to obey Love, if obedience is as easy as a decision, praise the Lord for your strength of will, because doing the will of Love is so hard for slaves of sin and “he who sins is slave to sin” “All men are sinners” remember me by these words. Truly, If Christ only fasted 40 days his entire life, I fasted more days then him, I wanted to end oppression, and now my soul has the enemy influencing me. The enemy is code name “It” like cousin “It” instead of hair, the fire of unjust hate/murder, the force is like space, a void that sucks all life, love, and joy out of my vessel until I am desolate and like enthralled to witchcraft magic. I have Christ in me and contend, but these words are my sin offering to the gentiles and expression of my soul.

“Tears Are Loved By My Soul”

(Musical Intro Sad Country Melody)


Tears are Love that comes from within,

Love that saves me from sin,

That’s why I’d cry everyday if I cried every time I tried.


I cry, I love to cry,

The Good Lord knows why,

I’d cry everyday if I cried every time I tried.


The mountainside of my soul,

Is as marred as a cripple,

But the good Lord restores,

And I don’t want to sin anymore.


I cry, I love to cry,

The Good Lord knows why,

I’d cry everyday if I cried every time I tried.


Whether the sin is a wind, or the sin is within, 

Tears Are Loved By my soul everytime I cry!


 Love the Lord(,) please Let a grown man cry!

I affirm to the family under the penalty of 1000 lashes by every member that I have seen Father and son and believe the Holy Ghost is a mystery I am currently uncomfortable affirming with certainty that the spirit I see inside my flesh even upon my flesh is the holy ghost. Please save the timeless soul lost ages ago if I die.

To save the timeless soul comlete the objectives:

  1. Create a pen that mixes blood with ink
  2. start a campaign to get all heathen, saint, and everyone in between to write and sign a contract on papyrus and at least one other paper giving or selling everything they have to the spirit of Love (Y)Ahavah Adonai!
  3. Get every citizen in Las Vegas to have the ability to conveniently give all their possessions to the spirit of Love with a caution that (Y)Ahavah Adonai is the Rock, all of his ways are judgment and disrespecting him might have consequences and repercussions. Affirm the Lord is Jealous because of Islam and their devout worshiping of a God that is not Love/Ahavah. Do not be angry, hateful, etc. if they do not give everything they have to Love, but warn them that the Lord sent Elijah Mysteriou Savant (Perhaps Swift one day if Taylor Marries me) and he guided us with the caution that Moses was not a lying, deceiving, tyrant, just a person that emotionally defends his family, and Moses told you all the ways of the Lord Love the Father of Israel the Rock of David and the source of Life of Elijah are judgment. Also, warn them I challenged all of creation to the duel of the ancients and asked the Father to grace me with a reality that eventually I fight every enemy!
  4. Seek and find the African Male the Devil came out of Hell into in CCDC and involve BIG RICS for counsel and for his eyes to see what I saw. BIG RICS is smarter than the Pope to me. Not a joke or a flattery, he is a padre soldier that I love and respect. As a bonus save the souls of all the Angels of the Devil that came out of the gate of Hell in CCDC Las Vegas. Twas the last time I was there. The angels were marching 20 in front and 20 behind the Devil and I told one of them to put the Devil into my jail cell and he said “One for All?” Seriously, gates of Hell are understood by common sense and the truth of the report. The gate was a keyhole to me, but I am not certain. The Devil, was in white and came down, I wish all my familiar’s eyes have seen what my eyes have seen. Christ appeared clothed in darkness and proved to me that the gates of Hell will not prevail against his church! The church is to me, a church that defeats the enemies of those I blessed, so saints that live after me, study the gates of Hell and defeat the enemies of the blessed. Christ’s church is supposed to specialize in the gates of Hell, but I feel like the only human that has experience with them. Well only human that can be fruitful in the sinful flesh we were born into. Please in my religion saving that timeless soul is the only thing I must do before I am no longer needed! so please, save the timeless soul so I may die a death a victorious soldier rather than a soldier that fought and died and didn’t live to see the victory.
  5. Learn this lesson. Brothers and family are important and by God all things are possible, sow your heart and soul into Heaven and even if you are called least, a geek, a nerd, etc, be honest do not lie, abide in the truth try to make love, be dignified, try to be perfect and ask the to respect your dignity or get whacked! that is slapped with a rolled up piece of paper. No joke, tell them to repent when you whack them! Also, make Love and romance your women. Be at their toes and be in submission mode daily the first year of your marriage until they have a child and continue in the spirit, seeking a coop partner with a life centered around being the reality Love intends for you to be. Destroy the lies and put Love in the hearts of your enemies, foes, and even those that are family and are afflicted, sick, etc. Do not sacrifice allies, instead have mercy and give them 10 years to live a life that seems vain, just minister to them and have mercy. Not every brother will be as glorious as I have been. Flogging is prescribed, there is a lot said about the mark of the beast, so just realize, beasts understand pain, so flog the beast and save the soul of your family members from Hell. I will seek to give myself 20,000 lashes by my own hand and I have already given myself over 1000! Love Mercy if you are me Love mercy. Be merciful to my soul, do not sacrifice my soul. Flogging is mercy to the soul and is a force that controls the beast!
  6. Lastly, to mafia in las vegas, my father’s connections not involved with this, seriously, what witchcraft is… is an existential threat to me. Sometimes they get an entire breath and I have to explain I was raped by their spirit and they had their way with my tongue! Other times, I get enchanted like drunk with spirit and I loose control. I am better now, but uncleanliness, madness, undercover cops telling me shit like “I am an undercover cop but I am not after you…” I am like, I suppose you want to meet those that want to end your life? “The only reason I didn’t jump off the bridge is because I would not have died” is basically what he said to me. I was like WTF! I mean, PIGS, RATZ, RATPIGMEN, ENEMY SNAKES, WTF! Anyways, Go to my fetlife page mysteriousavant or mysteriouservant. to see my 600 lashes I took for atonement. Though I lost control, What I did was worthy of stripes being administered. You can fast forward to the last 20 seconds to see the reality of the stripes. I was told by a spirit an angel like Christ like spirit that “You should be slave to a dominatrix. You will experience things you will never experience again (forever)or(For all eternity)” twas one or the other. I was thinking romance them as slave, now I am like, that is impossible, those kind of women don’t have God in them to me, they just love money and torturing men. However, by grace in the future the thing is possible. I am just going to pay them like 6K perhaps 10K for 12 hours on film hardcore type of thing where I am slave and my children are spared! That’s my plan. If I save the timeless soul lost ages ago, do this thing with a dominatrix, and survive the Satanic Illuminati trying to murder me professionally, then I will reverse my vasectomy and have children. After I had a vasectomy because I was so poor I chose babies in heaven over babies in poor world america, the Lord sang to me “Son of man, don’t you know you are my treasure? One day all my enemies will be deceased! At that time men on Earth will prosper, and society will live in peace! Son of man, go and tell the people, the marijuana, coca, and opiates are from me! I do not want my people to abuse them, but I want my people to party!” I behold and… Forever I feel like I am a pure hearted and righteous son of man, yet the liars will call me the least, the devil, the false prophet, the beast, the antichrist, etc. So family, forever Is forever and behold a reality where I have to be reminded I am treasure because when Left alone I get self destructive! After I die, please move as one and destroy the enemy I am connected to via a force greater than the big bang! Please do so professionally, by the spirit of Love not by strength or might. I just want the Devil ended I just hope there isn’t some kind of thing that happens when he is destroyed that means we shouldn’t have destroyed him, and by hope I mean desire. Know me more, I have like 15 words and phrases that lost their meaning and are not accurate expression of self, yet witchcraft mindfucked me my entire life since I was like 3-6 and I really do not communicate myself well without explaining myself and my flaws. I am so weak, people probably wouldn’t believe my weakness, but pipe over the head, duster 20 times, and God restored me and is in me and I am sure that tis his will or death for me. I have a betrayer that is trying to cause me to be something the Lord does not desire me to be. A spirit that comes froth from the enemy, mammon? I don’t know. I suppose Christ will tell all over the next few thousand years. I just want to party and enjoy life, and I want that life for all humanity.

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