Elijah Mysteriou Swift? My mind conveyed.

I want to make Love with the women, and live to see their best manifest through the consuming fire. I want to loose control to Love with the women, be friend, lover, and like a slave, living perfect in all of our ways romancing with no end to our days by the Grace of Adonai. Elijah Mysteriou Swift or Elijah Mysteriouswift and I affirm if twasn’t a declaration of not family, I’d want to be Elijah Mysteriouslave or Elijah Mysteriou slave. Honestly, I wish Taylor Swift or someone of her likening, someone fruitful and smarter than me. Someone to romance. I am writing this to convey my soul. I am a soul of Love and am scared every moment of every day, the fear is hallowed and according to the my understanding of the will of Love, exactly where Love wants me to be. I am is Love. I desire to write a song to convey my heart and soul to Taylor Swift in a pro animation if I am not allowed live and express myself without the case beat I am allowed to Desire to enjoy my life and not be gangbanged by police, mercenary, or Men! Seriously, Men, I am a son of man, if Taylor Swift said all the following words, She would be perfect to me. I have faxed this to the CIA and Chief Rabbi in Israel. The Path of Knowledge conveyed!

1) Read and understand the 1 page of the meat of intelligence that I faxed to the
“Desk of the Inspector General”
2) GIve a speech where all of the intelligence is presented in a direct and benevolent way.
I hereby submit my counsel and advice pertaining to what to say to the media in order to
accomplish our foreign interests:
“Israel was affirmed by Moses and the Lord our God to be the firstborn son of God. Here
in America, we are under God and cannot party as if nothing is wrong. We worship God
and we truly want all humanity to believe the truth. We want health, wealth, cleanliness,
happiness, love and joy for all humanity, but cannot be complacent and ignorant while
the firstborn son of God is being attacked! Destruction is something that involves an end.
Israel should be blessed not destroyed! Iran, please face the truth! Moses sang a song
about a warped and crooked generation that is no longer the children of the Lord.
Please face the truth. To destroy Israel is to bring an end to Israel. God has a plan for
Israel and we want you to choose world peace and unity under the Lord Love the Father
of Israel, in Hebrew the name of the father of Israel is Ahavah Adonai. Adonai is the
Lord. Ahavah is Love. And the Lord is Love. Love desires his people to prosper. Love
desires his firstborn son, Israel, to be a land of milk and honey. Please talk for days,
weeks, months, even years about making Israel a land of milk and honey, even a land
that enriches bread with milk and wine with honey. Iran, we Americans do not desire
war with flesh and blood. We American’s desire peace and harmony, unity created by a
commonly understood vision of health, wealth, cleanliness, happiness, love, and joy by
standard of everlasting and on land via prudent governing with a vision of technology
and science incorporated into agricultural, industrial, waste management, and ideally
mansion level housing. Eden level Vegetation, in the Middle East and Africa. All of this
can be created if we use our resources to reverse desertification by transporting the
worthless dirt out into the ocean in small amounts day by day while we bring shit and
Earth enriching worms into the desert. We can build rivers of salt water and dams with
maximized electrical generation and fish cultivation. We can bring eden level vegetation
to Africa and the Middle East within 50 years of working together. Please stop creating
causes for us to fight with might and mercenaries. Israel should be blessed and
established. Please all humanity listening, Bless Israel by helping Israel be the reality
Israel is intended to be. Please stop threatening to murder the son of God that came
before Christ. What do you think about the reality of an American that can’t sleep at
night without taking medication because the Lord’s son is being attacked by enemies
claiming Israel will not exist in 25 years? Please be righteous so mercy is justified.
Please stop chanting death to God’s first born Son Israel and Death to the Hard Working
and wealth creating and spreading nation that has been an ally to Israel and will always
be an ally to Israel! Please allow us to be the reality we were intended to be, and please
look forward to 50 years of peace where all humanity unites to establish health, wealth,
cleanliness, happiness, and love by standard of everlasting and on land, where joy is felt
in the hearts of all humanity, because we are all united and bring forth for joy and love
not for trouble and hate! Please Love the Lord, make us all your will manifest, please all
humanity, Respect Love Supremacy! Ahavah is Love in Hebrew tongue. Please be the
reality Ahavah intends for you to be, be family!”

My written flow has discourse. Love is Forever sad Prose: My Father and older brother were victims of murderous pedophiles. I am now the oldest male in the flesh in my bloodline and my bitter words is death to every murderous pedophile before death to me! The Lord Put His spirit upon my flesh on Camera 8 years ago, and my existance suffered pure hate because the tape recording was lost! I asked the most high American’s to help me get the tape, and they tried to wack me because the Lord ordered the wages of sin paid on the spot! I found out the being claimed God told him to “Mass Murder under false pretenses” Seriously enemies, the word of God is forever and my just claim sending black ops to murder me for something God ordered is enough to get Moses to agree I can wear your suffering upon my flesh like gorgeous Apparel. I am writing this so you know me. Alibu is Jehovah’s daughter and was reported to be an idiot. I am a legit Idiot so blessed My image is idiot, yet reading one page fax to CIA and I prayed to be worthy of a kingdom, and was kissed by a kingdom a daughter of Love. Sade’s “kiss of Life” is like touching to my reality.

I am trying this day to raise the $120,000 life requires to buy the will of God, the fruit of his kingdom, even the animation created per the guidance of the witness of God! I’ve seen God on his throne and want to guide animators to create what I have seen exactly as part of an entertaining pro show biz animation about real soldier of the church mafia life. https://www.gofundme.com/f/olive-animations-will-create-god-like-i-saw-him

Please Taylor Swift, Love the Lord Ahavah Adonai is the spirit, I am in the flesh and will die, but Love is forever and making Love in the worlds of Earth is very important. Please make 22 Love making Albums picking a world and if you just made a BDSM “All men are sinners and should atone Thee Theme, Motto, and Creed of the Dominatrix” and Jazz with your highest quality lyrics, that be cool. I am just looking at souls of Love and glad to have a pillow, but would rather have Prime Rib or Rib Eyeam! To all other women, bring forth for joy and love, please make and multiply love with your music. Make a song that in 300 years makes my play list of 300 songs. My goal is to create at least 120 superior to supreme quality party supplies and bring light and leadership into this world that conquers and establishes health, wealth, cleanliness, happiness, love, and joy of everlasting and on land, with pro show biz as the service to the established! my website to accomplish this with the soldiers of the church fighting for joy and love in life is http://www.kingtsidkenu.com I intend to change the name. People seem to think I want to be their king, rather I want to be a lord of the Lord, a king of the King, and a god of the God/Love that is supreme! I am the workings of the hands of Love the Lord, the King, thee Almighty God, the Father of Israel. My chief goal is to save a timeless soul, but people all act like devils or get pulled away from helping me. The rich and powerful like Oprah would help me if she believed the truth and heard my voice. I have been oppressed, I fasted for over 40 days in three-five fasts combined. I afflicted my soul doing this, and God is blessing me beyond human perception or otherwise, in ways where during the time of the reality of the blessing, some people will be glad I suffered evil because of the amount of happiness and joy I behold myself experiencing. Love the Lord is (Y)Ahavah Adonai in Hebrew. Love is real, a spirit, and in and around me. Please put your faith in that spirit not me, but know me. I am attached to a force like a vacuum of outer space and implosion with death and loss of love, joy, etc. all occur. Verily, If God/Love didn’t need me to help him save a timeless soul, if the leadership of the Planet were competent and paradise for all not just the 1 percent was the policy, if my life was not of value to the Lord, I would end my life. Such is the evil I suffer, no women, no home, no family with money enough to support me or provide for me, no church or state that acts right, acts like family, I am a son of man, and only those that serve me will be seated to my right intentionally!(Standard of properness)

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