Mark of the Beast System Explained for Idiot Savants/Rainmen like me. AND Request to Make Ahavah/Love like Taylor Swift.

The following link has the chosen pertinent information.

Jewish Gematria: 1) A Joke 2) The serpent Bearer 3) Only one God 4) Citizen 5) Star spangled Banner 6) Gun Controlling 7) I’m ugly 8) the old snake sealed in forehead 9) Sarah is the all messiah 10) Sarah Master of lies 11) crucifixing

English is a very finite language and has a variety of ways of expressing something so the list is extensive.  I chose all the translations that “Might” be the One mark we are supposed to be mindful of before we go on the offense against the beast, the false prophet and the Devil!
English Gemartra: 1) stubborn 2) hardened heart 3) Wicked will 4) people sin 5) son of sin 6) Makes sense 7) an absence of God(Love) 8) a Satanic Mark 9) Image of Satan 10) forehead sign 11) New York 12) Computer 13) God Hates Obama 14) Mark of Beast 15) Forehead Sign 16) Santa Clause 17) Deutschland 18) Christos 19) Sanskrit 20) l pet goat li 21) witchcraft 22) humanity 23) Black panther 24) Adolf A. HItler 25) Dollar Sign 26) Illusion 27) corrupt 28) mark of beast 29) Allah is Lord 30) Satans seal 31) Lucifer Hell 32) Rebel Archangel 33) Demon inside 34) significant 35) teleport 36) dollar crash 37) end times deal 38) demonic evil 39) obamas caught 40) a ronald reagan 41) Bad man a cologne 42) i eat humans 43) black man love 44) archangel helel 45) slaughter 46) commercials 47) pictures 48) peace on Earth 49) beware of barack 50) corporate 51) Queen Lord 52) mandatory 53) lustful 54) Islamic Leader 55) Dragon Marked 56) God of Zion 57) Drag Queens 58) Best girls 59) Ejaculation 60) Beast in USA 61) Antimony 62) Islamic Gods 63) The zip code 64) monetary 65) Lady of evil 66) Sorceries 67) Pagan Goliath 68) RFID scanner 69) Gods woman 70) unvaluable 71) F Gods word 72) the Dragons 73) Dark Stars 74) You are God 75) Evil Ra Faith 76) time has come 77)An Islam Sin 78) Jesus Dies 79) HIdden Barcodes 80) Biblical Prime 81) Al Queda suicide 82) Good Woman 83) (I do not know how to write this bus a square before and after) Dagobent duck 84) (I cannot make out my own handwritting but its something like) Hindu Tapping 85) insanity 86) guidance of God 87) I choose Hell 88) Catholic Idol 89) Ed will win 90) available jobs 91) Lack of Brains 92) Kristos 93) Rubicks cube 94) Ed and I the key

Heads are being cut off by stuck on stupid magic. “stubborn” calculates to 666 and this generation is “Stubborn” to me. Love is real, is a spirit, and is God, stop being “stubborn” and just confess the truth!

Please all humanity, the Devil does not abide in the truth nor is there truth in him. The Giant Serpent called the Dragon is mystical and proper named the Dragon. The enemy the Devil is pure lie and is proper named the Devil. The Lord is Love and is proper named the Lord. Please realize, every serpent should not be destroyed because of the confusion and delusion that every serpent is the enemy. Please have mercy upon all the allied serpent, they were born a serpent and look at their beauty! Snakes Eat Rats Like Judas! Judge righteously, Pro Show Biz Taylor Swift is a love maker! I praise and exalt Taylor Swift as welcome to claim the title “Official Rat Eater in Show Biz”

I call all to make the spirit of Love like Taylor Swift did. In the Mafia world Love has been made, a Goddess gloried and with Naruto and Bleach creators united with me and with Taylor Swift’s permission, I’d Love to party in a virtual reality where Ninja Ratz by the Rat God Judas is attacking All worlds, realms, etc. and Taylor Swift pulls an Eccans and evolves into Arbok and makes all Bawk as she Eats the Rat God Judas! I just want to party and make cool and desired Animations with Superior quality production.

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